When you think of consigning, "THINK GREEN!" You're making a little extra cash while keeping the environment clean! 

Our closets are full of items that, for whatever reason, we no longer wear. Maybe we lost weight or bought on impulse a little too often or inherited a closet full of clothes and fashions that you don’t know what to do with. Your quality castoffs whether it’s designer brands, vintage, modern or high fashion can be turned into extra cash, so take inventory, then head to The Ladies Room and together we both can make a little extra cash.

Tips on How and Why to Consign
                 While searching through your closet have you ever thought:
                                            "It's a beautiful garment and I love it, BUT..."

If the answer is:
1.    It will never fit me again
2.    It's just not my color
3.    My lifestyle has changed and I'll never wear it again
4.    I've had it for awhile and the tags are still on it
5.    It was an impulse buy and just isn't me 
6.    OMG, I inherited all this, where do I began?

Here's how it works.........

Unlike most consignment shops, the age and brand of the garment doesn't matter. We are looking for trendy, cute and seasonal fashions. We offer a 50/50 consignment split on a 60/90 day contract on up to 15 items. After 60/90 days, you can have us to donate the unsold items or you are welcome to pick them up.

When you bring something in to consign, we will select the items that we think our customers would want to buy. Sometimes there will be items we cannot sell. Please understand that our customers' preferences must be our selection guide. We base prices on supply and demand. We will get the best possible price for you.

All items must be brought in Clean and on hangars – we will not accept anything in bags and or wrinkled.If you bring clothes in on your better hangars, no worries, you can get them back before you leave. You are limited to 15 items per appointment. When you fill out your contract, you will be responsible for writing down the brand name, a brief description and original amount of each item. Later that day, we will fill in the selling price then email you a copy. Please note that the selling price will not necessary be the final price as we do have promotions from time to time.

It is the responsibility of the consignor to follow up with her/his consignment at the end of the 60/90 day contract.

Steps on "How to Consign".

Before bringing in your consignment, you must:

                                1.    Call to book an appointment – 630.613.9593    or          Book via email:
                                                     Appointments can be made: 
                                                                     Tuesday – Friday between 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Ladies Room Consignment Boutique Season In-take Schedule:

                  Special note: Due to remodeling and our upcoming fundraiser, The Ladies Room will not be accepting consignments

                  between July 15, 2017 - September 1st, 2017. We will be only accepting Homecoming Dresses and Mother of Bride Gowns

                  up until August 14th, 2017. We will start accepting them again on September 1st.

                                                                       January 1st – March 31st – Prom and Pageant Gowns, Dance Dresses
                                                                       February 15th – February 28th (29th) – VIP Consignors: Transitional Spring Fashions.
                                                                       March 1st -  March 31st – Transitional spring fashions
                                                                       April 1st – July 31st – Spring/Summer Fashions
                                                                       August 1st – August 14 – No Consignments will be accepted due to Annual Inventory
                                                                       August 15th – August 31st – VIP Consignors: Transitional Fall Fashions

                                                                       August 15th - September 15th - Homecoming Dresses

                                                                       September 1st – September 30th – Transitional Fall Fashions
                                                                       October 1st – December 31st – Fall/Winter Fashions

Please note: When consigning GOWNS, in addition to the basic requirements, please provide the year of  purchase and if applicable the name of the school. 

To become a VIP consignor you will simply sign up here. As a VIP consignor you will receive the following perks:
             1. You will be the first to consign at the beginning of every season
             2. Receive special consignment deals 
             3. You are welcome to bring in as many pieces as you like during a certain time window


Can’t make it into the store because you have way too much for us to look at, no worries. We have a solution that’s called In-Home Consignment.

We will basically come to you.

However the following is a must:
                            1.    35/65 Consignment split
                            2.    Smoke Free home
                            3.    Pulled and ready for review
                            4.    At the end of the contract the consignor is responsible for picking up the unsold items (we do not drop off) and/or we can donate.

Online Booking

Please note: we will contact you via e-mail to confirm appointment. If you don't hear back from us in 24 hours, please call the store at 630.613.9593.


The Ladies Room Consignment Boutique donates all of the unsold garments to the below places. Each place can provide you with a 501c form for donation tax write off purposes if needed.

       TLR Gives Back Foundation (helps keep music in schools)

       410 S. Main Street

        Lombard, IL 60148

       The People's Resource Center (helps families within the Dupage County area)             
        201 S. Naperville Road                                                                  
        Wheaton, IL 60187                                                                          

       The Clothes Closet (helps families with in the Lombard/Villa Park Community)
       155 South Main St  
        Lombard, IL 60148